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Training Groups - Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How long dies the Training Group Run for?

A. 16 weeks


Q.Can I join the Training Group after it has started?

A. Yes, you can join any time until the 3rd September 2017, a minimum of 8 weeks - Training Group Closed


Q. How do I join the Training Group?

A. CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions


Training Plan

Q. Do I get my own individual training plan?

A. No.  A generic 16 week training plan will be created for each race distance.  The plan will be designed to develop your fitness to meet the specific demands of that distance and the event course.


Q. How does the generic plan work?

A. Each training plan will detail 2 specific quality training sessions per week, with guidance for additional training sessions.  Each session will be defined by duration and intensity.  Some training sessions will be broken down into repeatable high and low effort periods - this is called interval training.


Q. What is duration?

A. This is defined by either time (minutes or hours) or distance (km)


Q. What is intensity?

A. Intensity is how hard you need to work.  This will be defined by pace - minute per kilometre (min/km)


Q. How do I know what pace to run at?

A. You will need to calculate your individual training paces which are based on your current ability.  You then substitute your paces into the plan.  You will then need either a GPS run watch or train with a stop watch over a measured distance.


Q. What if I unable or unwilling to train with pace.

A. Not a problem.  You can train based on how you feel based on your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE).  A description of how each pace relates to RPE will be provided.


Q. How do I calculate my individual training paces?

A. There are two methods:

  1. Sign up for the 10min individual setup meeting where your coach will set your training paces for you.
  2. Calculate your training paces yourself.  CLICK HERE for the calculator.


Training Group Meeting

Q. What is the Training Group meeting?

A. This is an opportunity for you each week to receive guidance on the following weeks training sessions and receive answers to your questions (note all questions must be submitted in advance).


Q. Will all my questions be answered?

A. As many questions will be answered in the time available.  If a question asked is very specific to an individual then a generic answer will be provided e.g. I have to work late Wednesday and then I have family staying at the weekend what day should I do what training on?  In this instance general advice on how to rearrange your training based on session priority will be given.


Q. Where and when is the meeting?

A. Initially the meeting will be on Tuesdays 19:20-19:40 at Auckland Joggers clubrooms.

  • The duration, organisation and format of this meeting may change and will depend on the number and composition of the Training Groups.


Q. What happens if I can't attend the meeting?

A. No worries. A summary of the meeting will be available for all group members.  The format of this summary may be written notes, recorded audio or video.


Q. What happens if the coach can't attend the meeting?

A. You will be notified as far in advance as possible if the meeting is cancelled.  Depending on the reason for coach non-attendance then the meeting may take place online or a pre-recorded video will be made available.