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ASB Auckland Marathon - Training Groups

Are you planning on running either the marathon, ½ marathon, 12k or 5k at the ASB Auckland Marathon? Looking to complete a new distance for the first time? Need some motivation? Chasing a personal best time? Looking for age group glory? Need some help with your training? Then the Auckland Joggers Training Group could be just what you looking for.


The purpose of the Training Group is to provide a coach led structured training plan in a fun and supportive environment of the Auckland Joggers. The Training Group is a great introduction to the principles of training and will provide you with regular access to a run coach to help guide you through the training and answer any questions you may have. The main benefit though of joining a Training Group is it will provide you with the opportunity to meet and train with other runners who are doing the same event as yourself.


For more information on how the Training Group will operate please CLICK HERE.


This Training Group is open to both Auckland Jogger’s Members and Non-Members. Non-Members will be required to have temporary membership of the Club ($30) which will provide them access to the Clubrooms and enable them to participate in Pack Runs on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Should you decide to join the Club when your temporary membership expires then the $30 will be discounted from your full membership fee.


Race Date Sunday 29th October 2017
Training Group Start Monday 10th July 2017
Duration 16 weeks (min 8 weeks - you can join any time until 3rd Sep 2017)
Race Distances Marathon, ½ Marathon, 12k, 5k

No restrictions - all abilities welcome

(minimum requirement 10 people for 16 weeks)


Early Bird Offer - 29th May to 2nd July 2017

Includes individual setup* meeting and 16 weeks of Training Group

  • $100 - AJC Members
  • $130 - Non-Members **


Standard Pricing - 3rd July to 3rd September 2017

$20 - individual setup meeting (optional)

$7/week - Training Group membership

  • $112 - AJC Members 16 weeks - (min 8 weeks - $56)
  • $142 - Non-Members 16 weeks - (min 8 weeks - $86) **


* for more information on the individual setup meeting click here

** includes $30 temporary membership fee
























Join the Training Group

To secure your place on the Training Group you will need to do the following steps:


Sign Up for the Training Group is now closed.


  1. Complete the online questionnaire - CLICK HERE
  2. Make your payment
    • AJC Members - log into the website then from the menus select TASKS > PURCHASES AND BOOKINGS
    • Non-Members - CLICK HERE to join, select temporary membership if you only wish to join the Club for the duration of the Training Plan and follow the instructions.
  3. Don't forget to enter your event at the ASB Auckland Marathon - CLICK HERE